Fiftysomethings Taking Their Turns as Interns

Like many companies, has a bunch of interns running around the office, working for free for the opportunity to learn about the business. What makes these interns different is that they aren’t fresh-faced kids…

Even Pro Bono Work Requires Doing Your Homework First

ONE common piece of advice given to the newly laid off is to seek volunteer work until a paid job comes along…

At Home Mothers & The National Service Track

Caroline Kennedy’s candidacy for the vacant New York Senate seat brought to the fore the issue of whether volunteerism of at-home moms is ultimately valued by prospective employers when…

6 Ways to Improve Your Resume!

When it comes to careers, your resume is like a pick-up line poised to either attract or deter a prospective employer.

A Work-Life Balance Approach That’s Easy As Pie

It seems only fitting, just after Thanksgiving and with more holidays around the corner, to devote this column to the topic of pies. Fortunately, I’m going to be talking about pies that add value to your career decisions, not the ones that add inches to your waistline.

Taking Care of Business: The Essential Playlist to Guide Your Return to Work

Whether you have a child in diapers or driver’s ed., it’s a pretty safe bet that you struggle to achieve the right career balance in your life…

AARP’s Work Reimagined Quotes MYOBMoms on “Returnships”

MYOBMoms on the Today Show

Pamela gives advice to two women in different career stages on the Today Show. View the segment.  

Barri’s Welcome to MYOBMoms

Welcome to the inaugural MYOBMoms blog. If you are on this website, you probably are a stay-at-home mom thinking about what your next steps are. You’ve come to the right place. Pamela and I started MYOBMoms to help women reinvent themselves and develop “second act” careers after...