Pamela Weinberg and Barri Waltcher founded MYOBMoms in 2007 to help women navigate work/life transitions and grow their careers.

Barri Waltcher
Founding Partner

Barri Waltcher is a New York City-based career advisor who specializes in helping women navigate the transition from parenting back to a satisfying career. Barri works with women at all stages of parenting — from pregnant women who want to map out a flexible career to empty nesters looking for a second act in their lives, and everything in between. There is no once-size-fits-all solution to a work-life balance, and Barri works with each client to develop and implement her own unique career plan. Barri also is a Certified Professional Resumé Writer specializing in developing resumés and LinkedIn profiles for career changers.

In addition to her private career counseling work through MYOBMoms, Barri is an adjunct instructor at NYU’s School of Professional Studies, where she leads classes on career development. She also speaks and leads workshops on career topics at other New York City institutions, and has a career column in New York Family Magazine.

Barri’s interest in this field developed the way many things do: from personal experience. After a career as a litigator, she left private practice to teach law school as a way to better suit her life as a parent. She became a full-time parent and active volunteer following the birth of her second child, and in the ensuing years she met countless women like herself who were uncertain of when and how they would return to work. Barri decided to focus on helping this population, and now she holds a certificate in Career Planning and Development from New York University, in addition to a BA from Tufts University and a law degree from Cornell.
Pamela Weinberg
Founding Partner

As a Founding Partner of Mind Your Own Business Moms, Pamela Weinberg works with women in various stages of career development both privately and in groups. In addition, she maintains a career coaching practice working with clients helping with job searches, career advancement, social media and more. Pamela is also an adjunct instructor at NYU-SCPS in the field of Career Management, offering a variety of seminars and workshops there.

Pamela has developed a niche in personal branding and speaks frequently both to students and alumni at universities such as NYU and Columbia as well as to corporate executives on the topic. She runs workshops, seminars and leads webinars on such topics as “Personal Branding for Job Search” and “Redefining your Identity after Raising a Family”.

Through her work at the Wasserman Center for Career Development at New York University and the Office of Career Management at New York University’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Pamela has gained valuable experience counseling a diverse population from undergraduate students to career changers. At both institutions, Pamela worked with clients on resume development, interview techniques, networking tips and job search strategies.

Pamela also blogs as a featured career coach at

From 1997 to 2010 Pamela has co-authored the best-selling parenting guidebook, City Baby: a resource guide to having a baby in New York City. The book is in its fourth edition (2010) and has been published in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Chicago and DC. Pamela spoke frequently to mothers groups on parenting-related topics and was frequently quoted in the media on New York City family life.

A graduate of Brandeis University, mother of a 20 and 17-year-old, Pamela lives in New York with her family and their dog Roxy.

“Thank you for helping me get on track- brainstorming, updating resume- and your positive encouragement!  You suggested that school/coursework can be a good starting point...and it has been for me.”
E.B., New York, NY