Pamela’s Welcome to MYOBMoms

Welcome to my first post on the MYOBmoms blog.  We are hoping this will be a place where you will come to explore your own career options/ desires/ ambivalence.  I have been exploring all three since I was pregnant with my first child 16 years ago.  I left a job that I liked a lot in restaurant public relations and decided to stay at home and do freelance PR.  After a few months of doing this, I realized that I didn’t want to be “on call” for my clients, and opted out.  While pregnant, I did a lot of research on having a baby in New York and decided to write a book entitled City Baby: a resource guide for new moms. This career combined being a stay-at-home mom and  working  at home, part time.  I was satisfied with this schedule for many years. But something began to change over the last two years.  My kids are older now, need me less and are far from “City Baby (ies)” at this point.  Finally, after 14 years dedicated to the care and feeding of them, I was ready to move on to the care and feeding of myself.  I realized this had happened when my publisher approached me to write City Kids (for kids 5 to 10 years old) and it didn’t interest me.  As much as I loved being a mom to kids that age, I really didn’t want to write about those issues anymore.

After some soul searching, I researched options for returning to work.  I informally polled moms in the same stage and learned that there were many moms in my position—wanting to return to work or do something “more” but not quite sure how.  After taking classes in career management, Barri and I founded Mind Your Own Business Moms (MYOBMoms) a business dedicated to helping stay-at-home moms return to workplace and keep their skills alive while raising their children. We are glad you are joining us for the journey.

  1. Nicole Feliciano

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Hope we can work together soon.

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